Hello, nice to meet you... My name is Georg Backer, my passion is Narrative & Immersive Design and I indulge in non-interactive and interactive experiences. 

I like emotions, immersions and moments that make your heart race in anticipation and excitement. I like letters, words and stories. I like ideas, characters and situations involving the former. I like to sit back and watch frames filled with awe. I like sounds, the silent ones, the ones you hardly hear, the ones that make you hum along and the ones that involve plenty of people. I like to engage and participate, be it at your party or in my world. I like solving problems, all sorts. But more than anything I love creating worlds, the ones you love visiting, watching and participating in.

In the younger learning years of my life I’ve been on theatre stages and in front of lenses performing and behind the scenes writing and directing. I also discovered the creative possibilities that come with programming and over the years I have written thousands and thousands of lines of code for a variety of companies and projects. I’ve since switched avenues because I wanted to continue as I enjoy working and interacting with people, solving problems and helping out where ever I can.

I'm currently on a secret mission but before that I worked at Lionhead Studios, in Guildford in the United Kingdom, as the Audio Associate Producer. I looked after the dialogue, music and sound effect production, from pre-production to production and post-production; from schedules & budgets to hands-on content consultation, valuation, creation and control. One would have found me tucked away behind my desk reading and writing correspondence, proposals, designs and documentations or shifting numbers, schedules, budget predictions and actual spent in spreadsheets; if not then I was playing our games, looking and hearing out for things that are missing, need changing or removing, or I was in meetings and conversations with colleagues discussing needs and wants, problems and solutions, story and character, dialogue, music, sound effects, emotion, immersion and narrative design.

And now? What's next after my Lionhead departure? Well, as I mentioned above, I'm on a secret mission to do amazing things. More to follow, hopefully soon.

That's not all about me but maybe enough to get you started. If you want to know more or even look at my CV then you can always contact me here